The following guidelines, related to demolition permit requests filed with the City of New Orleans for homes within the ARNA boundaries, shall be followed by the ARNA Board of Directors:

1.      Opposition to demolition may initially be voiced by either a member of the ARNA Board of Directors or by one of the ARNA constituents.

2.      Once raised, a member of the Planning / Zoning Committee is responsible for gathering facts regarding the planned demolition and making a recommendation to the Board of Directors, as prescribed in the ARNA By-Laws.

a.      A member of the Planning/Zoning Committee shall attempt to notify the owner of the subject property of the Board's consideration and every effort shall be made to discuss the matter with said owner prior to the Board's vote.
b.      Factors to be considered by the Planning/Zoning Committee shall include:
                                                    i.     Age of structure
                                                  ii.     Condition of structure
                                                 iii.     Architectural and/or historical significance of structure
                                                 iv.     Nature of ownership (long-term resident vs. developer)

3.      Following receipt of such recommendation, whether at a meeting of the Board of Directors or via email as part of emergency business, the Board of Directors shall vote on its approval or disapproval of the demolition.

a.      Should the majority vote yield disapproval, a member of the Planning / Zoning Committee will draft a letter to the appropriate recipient(s) to express disapproval. Such letter(s) shall be signed by the President of the Board of Directors.

Disclaimer: These guidelines are intended to provide guidance and recommendations to Board Members and Officers and are not to be construed as requirements or protocols in any way.  No person serving as a Board Member or Officer shall be individually liable for their adherence or lack thereof to said guidelines.

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